Adhesion Platform

Smart technology delivering actionable data, deep insights and dynamic creative

Actionable Data

The Rules Engine is at the heart of the Adhesion system

The Rules Engine is used for both crafting strategies based on any available data and setting up complex multivariate testing. It enables any and all available data to be made actionable in real time. Choose from 18 optimization criteria, including financial services-specific data such as investor behavior and market data.

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Smart Technologies

Smart Targets and Smart Formats take the pain out of advanced targeting and placement

With Smart Targets, you can configure as many targets as needed for any condition. Once configured, targets become key values available to DFP or ad units.

With Smart Formats, new ad formats can be seamlessly added into any page content via the UI with no development effort.

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Performance Reporting & Insights

Adhesion provides best-in-class rich media reporting and analysis

Our platform allows for detailed custom monitoring of specific elements within a campaign, broken down by creative, placement and publisher. Interactions reporting allows your team to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Your account manager and optimization specialist work with you to customize and refine weekly or bi-weekly reports. We also provide training and support to educate active Adhesion users on how to use the powerful reporting tools available to them.

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md-adhesion-bubble-bg Personalized Creative Graphic

Personalized Creative

Our designers and developers are experts in dynamic data presentation, leveraging the latest industry standards and trends

We offer full-service creative production and can work with your creative team to design/build sophisticated expandable and dynamic creative in native HTML5. We apply our UX expertise with multivariate testing, including custom interaction tracking to enhance specific objectives of a campaign.

From interactive charting expandables to HD cross-device creative, our goal is to produce the highest quality, industry leading interactive ad executions to push your conversion goals.

Dynamic Creative

Incorporate a range of user, contextual, environmental and financial data for more dynamic and engaging ads

Dynamic Data Integration

We incorporate 1,350+ financial data feeds sourced from third party global content providers as well as our own clients. This data is available to entitled clients for use in advertisements and for specific targeting. Core to our capabilities are investment tools such as charts, screeners, and alerts which can easily be integrated into a client’s ads.

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Moment-Based Marketing

Moment-based marketing is a tool that enables ads to dynamically respond to market conditions and economic events. Realtime alerting integration with multiple triggers allows creative to effectively target users and produce actionable results.

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